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Mexico is currently the largest producer of fire agates (Agata De Fuego as it is called in Spanish) in the world with well over a dozen mines in existence.

Mexican Fire Agate

is known as a quality

fire agate gemstone

and the

fire agate rough

is good lapidary fire agate material for gemstone carving purposes. The fire agates from Mexico rank high on the list of desired fire agate gemstones which are often used to produce wonderful fire agate jewelry. The final cut fire agate gems are popular with gemstone collectors and the raw fire agate rough is often collected for mineral specimen purposes.

Many of the fire agate gemstone mines in Mexico have unique and distinct properties. The La Negrita mine in northern Mexico is owned by the local government and is open to the general mexican public. The fire agate stones from this gemstone mine are very distinguishable because they usually have a dark black coating over the quartz and fire. The Calvillo Fire Agate mines in the Mexican State of Aguascalientes are known for producing very high quality fire agate gemstones with mixed color variations ranging from bright reds, greens, purples and blues. Another source of fire agates that are often seen on the market are from the Los Magueyes Fire Agate mine in Sierra Fria. There are also multiple fire agate mines located in Sierra del Laurel, Mexico. San Luis Potosi, Mexico is a relatively new fire agate locale, with its first fire agate production being in 2015.

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Mexican Fire Agate For Sale
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Mexican Fire Agate Gemstone Gallery

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